Our Process

Our engagement with clients is holistic, from the initial structuring of their portfolios through the day-to-day engineering and maintenance of those portfolios. We also work to fully understand how the assets we are managing for our clients fit into the larger picture of their lives.


We work together with each client to identify their financial goals and objectives, from wealth accumulation to lifetime spending, wealth transfer and charitable giving. We utilize sophisticated Monte Carlo-based analytical tools to help our clients “stress-test” their asset allocation and spending choices under a wide range of market conditions, thereby allowing them to quantify the likelihood that each of those choices will allow them to meet their goals.


We construct well-diversified global investment portfolios designed to achieve each client’s agreed-upon goals and objectives. We also recognize that for private clients, “it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.” Thus, our portfolios are also managed with a constant eye toward achieving the highest possible after-tax return for any given level of risk.


We provide the discipline to continually monitor the portfolio and rebalance as needed, while avoiding overreaction to short-term market fluctuations. We meet regularly with our clients to provide portfolio updates and discuss any adjustments that may be appropriate based upon life events, both expected and unexpected.


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to work closely with our clients’ tax and legal advisors. This allows us to help our clients maximize the value of a liquidity event, effectively and efficiently transfer money to their children and grandchildren, and make the most of various charitable giving strategies.

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